garage door is not working

Top 5 Reasons your garage door is not working

Sometimes there are the odd days when your garage door might suddenly not work and your not sure what could be causing the problem, but before you rush off to call a professional to work fix the problem, lets have a look at the top five reasons why your garage door is not working today.

1. Sensors

If your garage door is automatic it is likely that it has sensors which are placed around 4 to 6 inches from the ground, the laser inside the sensor sends a beam across the garage, and if the beam is broken by dirt or an obstruction it will cause the garage door to auto reverse.

2. Garage door remote

Just like remote for the tv, your garage door remote will need its battery replacing usually every couple of years.If you are pressing the button and it works occasionally changing your batteries will normally solve the problem.

3. Electric operator unplugged

Some times it can be the simplest of reasons why your garage door wont work, someone has unplugged the electric operator for the garage door to use the socket for something else and they’ve forgotten to plug it back in.


4. Broken or twisted cable

Is it really difficult to lift your canopy garage door?Does it seem to fall on one side?Canopy garage doors have cables which can break through general wear and tear over time or they can snap under strain. If your cables look to have snapped, they will need replacing by a professional garage door engineer.

garage door is not working5. Broken Spring

Retractable garage doors have springs at each side of the door and if one of them breaks your garage door can come down with a bang. These types of components are can be dangerous to work with and it is best to seek advice from a professional garage door engineer.


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